• Meet the Trinity Center VFD Team

  • TCVFD serves the unincorporated area of northeastern Trinity County in Supervisor District 1.  The service region is approximately 18,517 acres . The area includes rural residential lands, privately owned timberland, and for continuity, some publicly owned forest land (portions of Shasta-Trinity National Forest).

    The Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department (TCVFD) extended response area is significantly larger at 33,993 acres (53 square miles) including all of the area in the CSD plus the area up to Hatchet Creek Rd and south to Cedar Stock Resort, including Bowerman Ridge and private sections west of Highway 3. TCVFD historically has provided emergency services to this entire response area.

  • In addition, TCVFD responds from Hatchet Creek Road to the top of Scott Mountain along Highway 3, as well as along Coffee Creek Road and East Side and East Fork roads, under a mutual aid agreement with Coffee Creek VFD.

  • Firefighters and EMS

    Your VFD firefighters and EMTs take pride in serving their district and area visitors. Our volunteers are often first on scene for wildland and vegetation fires.

    TCVFD Officers
    • Acting Chief and Medical Director: Bob Bryant
    • Captains: Mike McHugh, Steve Noverr
    TCVFD Chiefs
    • Bob Bryant, Actiing Chief, 2019 -
    • Steve Renten, 2015 - 2018
    • Kenny Rieke, 2010 - 2015
    • Roger Chatterton, 2007 - 2010
    • Dick Hamilton, Oct 7, 1966 - 2007
    • John Root, Feb 15, 1966 - Oct 7, 1966
    • J.D. Guice, 1961 - 1966


  • VFD Auxiliary

    Our Auxiliary is the hardworking support team for the fire department. Members meet monthly to coordinate fundraising, community safety programs, and open houses. Auxiliary members have been the driving force behind the building fundraising effort as well as new fire hoses, a rescue truck, ambulance, firefighter clothing, and more.

  • FEAT

    The department's FEAT (Fire Emergency Assistance Team) helps the department with traffic and crowd control. The Fire Emergency Assistance Team provides crucial traffic and crowd control support to the fire department and other agencies working along the highway.

    When an incident such as a vehicle accident occurs, FEAT responds to provide traffic control around the scene. If a medical situation requires an off-airport helicopter landing, FEAT manages traffic at the landing zone. Even fire incidents, such as small fires along the highway, or fuel reduction projects, can require FEAT’s assistance.

    We are very grateful to the volunteers who train monthly to prepare for any traffic control needs in our area. Contact Drew Rusnak if you are interested in joining FEAT, 286-2290