• How the District is Funded

  • The Trinity Center VFD is a department of the Trinity Center Community Services District (TCCSD). The TCCSD provides the majority of the department's operations funding. The TCCSD is allocated a percentage of the total secured and unsecured property tax receipts of Trinity County. Approximately 0.46% of the county's tax proceeds is allocated to TCCSD. After state holdbacks amounting to a whopping 25% of TCCSD's revenue allocation, the district receives approximately $55,000 in tax revenue.

    In addition to the TCVFD, the TCCSD maintains the district's fire hydrants and street lights. These items consume about $20,000 per year, leaving some $30,000 to $35,000 for the TCVFD's operating budget.

    While TCVFD's operating expenses are funded by the district, most capital improvements are funded through fundraising and grants. The North Lake communities are very generous and TCVFD fundraising events are typically very successful. TCVFD events include the biennial Fire (Rummage) Sale, Firehouse Open Houses, and Pancake Breakfasts. These events are typically put on by the TCVFD Auxiliary. Additionally, fundraising for the TCVFD occurs at the Trinity Lake Fest and other area events.

    The Trinity Center VFD Auxiliary plays a major role in fundraising for the department. The Auxiliary is committed to helping provide the equipment and facilities the department needs to operate.

  • Following are some of the items that the department has purchased with grants:

    • Engine #1134 ($98,000 of the $141,000 price)
    • mobile radios in vehicles
    • handheld radios and pagers
    • structural turnouts, including jackets, pants, boots, helmets, masks, suspenders, gloves, and face shields
    • wildland turnouts, including jackets, pants, boots, helmets, NOMEX hoods, goggles, and gloves
    • vehicle stabilization equipment
    • SCBA (breathing) units
    • thermal imaging camera