• Emergency Medical Services

  • TCVFD is a full-service, volunteer fire/rescue/EMS provider and is the only one, out of the fourteen volunteer fire departments in Trinity County, to operate an Advanced Life Support ambulance. EMS services are provided under authority of NorCal EMS.

    TCVFD is the ONLY volunteer fire department in Trinit County with an ambulance and a paramedic.

    When the TCVFD paramedic is unavailable, the ambulance operates as a Basic Life Support service. In any case, a Trinity County Life Support ambulance is dispatched concurrently for all medical calls and usually rendezvouses with TCVFD midway to Weaverville to take over treatment and transport.

    TCVFD dispatching is handled by Trinity County Dispatch Center from its headquarters in Weaverville.

    TCVFD frequently uses air evacuation for seriously ill or injured patients. All TCVFD personnel are trained for integration with air operations. The nearby Trinity Center Airport, along with other prearranged landing zones, enable air ambulance service, saving 50 to 90 minutes in the time it takes to transport a patient to a hospital in Redding. Two air ambulance services (REACH and PHI) regularly provide service to the TCVFD response area as well as CHP Air Division under special circumstances.

    TCVFD provides critical first responder services to the visitors of the adjacent Trinity Lake National Recreation Area and Shasta-Trinity National Forest anywhere within the response area previously described as well as beyond the defined response area pursuant to mutual aid agreements or as circumstances warrant in the best interests of public safety.