• Working to Keep Our Community Safe

  • The Trinity Center Volunteer Fire Department is a division of the Trinity Center Community Services District.

    TCVFD organizes the District's disaster-evacuation preparedness and conducts safety programs for all North Trinity Lake communities. However, the VFD does not provide routine safety inspections of homes or businesses or regular defensible space inspections.

  • The fire department operates five apparatus:

    • Type I pumper engine (1973 International Harvester)
    • Type II pumper engine (1985 Grumman Attack Cat)
    • Type III CAFS/pumper engine (2004 Ford F-550 4x4)
    • Rescue/Equipment truck (1999 Ford F-550 4x4)
  • Wildfire Aircraft Crash Rescue Duty

    TCVFD has been ask to support CalFire and USFS during local wildfire fighting air operations.

    The team was onsite for both the Coffee fire in 2016 and the Delta fire in 2018.

    The Delta Fire started 6 days after the Carr Fire was contained. The Delta fire edged into Trinity County in the Trinity Lake area threatening East Fork Valley.

    To provide efficient air support, the U.S. Forest Service took over Trinity Center airport as a tactical helicopter base. TCVFD served as the standby crash rescue team for eight days (368.5 hours.)

    TCVFD volunteers were on duty from 8am to 6pm each day. The team used the time for additional training, foaming practice, and camaraderie.

  • Fire Fuels Reduction 

    The Trinity Center Fuel Reduction Project, funded by the California Fire Foundation and PG&E, occurred in Oct 2018. The project treated land between Trinity Center Elementary School and Highway 3, down Airport Rd, and two empty, absentee-owner lots in the Scott subdivision. The finished look is what all our properties should look like.

    The grant was for $14,400, plus $250 from TCVFD Auxiliary, $750 from TCCSD, and $5,537 from Trinity PUD. TCVFD provided over 100 hours of in-kind service. Work was done by the Trinity County Resource Conservation District.