• Department Projects and Community Education

  • Wildfire Fuels Reduction

    The Trinity Center Fuel Reduction Project, funded by the California Fire Foundation and PG&E, occurred in Oct 2018. The project treated land between Trinity Center Elementary School and Highway 3, down Airport Rd, and two empty, absentee-owner lots in the Scott subdivision. The finished look is what all our properties should look like.

    The grant was for $14,400, plus $250 from TCVFD Auxiliary, $750 from TCCSD, and $5,537 from Trinity PUD. TCVFD provided over 100 hours of in-kind service. Work was done by the Trinity County Resource Conservation District.

  • Safety Services Communication

    Emergency radio communication in our communities is a challenge. Our current tower above Carrville Inn is good for calls north of Trinity Center, but emergency pages and ambulance calls made to and from areas south are never heard or are broken—the "Covington Black Hole."

    TCVFD is working on building an additional tower on Bowerman Ridge. Permitting and engineering is underway.

    The repeater will cost $23,000 including its battery/equipment shed. A $20,000 grant was received from Coast Central Credit Union Community Investment Fund. The TCCSD is funding $2,100 and the TCVFD Auxiliary is providing $900.